Annual Report 2018

»We’re already delivering the right solutions today.«

Five short questions with five ­straight­forward answers from Dr. Jörg Stratmann, Chairman of the Management Boardand CEO of the MAHLE Group.

The Annual Report 2018 bears the title “Solutions!” With an exclamation mark!
What’s the message?

At the moment, the future of mobility is fraught with unanswered questions: What will individual transportation mean in the future? What kind of infrastructure will we need? What drive types will prevail in the long term? We’re addressing these questions with practical answers. That’s what sets us apart at MAHLE, and we demonstrated this in 2018. Our message is clear: we’re designing the ­individual mobility of tomorrow and already delivering the right solutions today.


People create solutions. Is that also the case at MAHLE?

Of course! Our approximately 80,000 employees worldwide are specialists in their fields. They know what they’re doing. They’re committed, focused on their work and on finding solutions, and they always have the needs of our customers in mind. They persevere and aren’t discouraged by setbacks. We have a top team!


Who or what impressed you the most in 2018?

We’re in the middle of a transformation. Last year was a case in point: lots of new developments, lots of designs on the test bench, new challenges, and lots of new ideas. It would be understandable if there were some uncertainty, but more than anything else, I sense optimism and pragmatism in the company: we’re tackling the issues of the day without hesitation. That’s the right attitude. We see change as a great opportunity.


And the next solutions? What are the goals for 2019?

Uncertainties such as volatile markets, tariff and trade disputes, high raw ­material prices, and geopolitical developments will again be concerns in 2019. But we’re focused on our goals. We’ll continue to work on our profitability and on our performance in 2019. And of course, we’ll bring new products and solutions onto the market.


What’s your personal motto for 2019?

My motto is opportunities through change. We want to increase our profitability despite the transformation. This is a major challenge that we will focus on and tackle with all our strength in 2019. In doing so, we will create new opportunities through change. And for that we need new ways of thinking. Because only those who think new can improve what has been tried and tested, create something new and thus continue to be the best partner for their customers in the future.

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